Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great Morning for a Run!

Wow! What a great morning for a run, I could not believe we would have such wonderful weather this morning, but we did. It has been over a month, since I have been able to run with Runner's World on a Saturday run, it was so nice to be back among the runners.

Missed my dynamic Super Runner Girl partner today, but no worries, the morning was so beautiful, that is made up for Linda being off playing golf and leaving me to run solo this morning.

I was torn about how much mileage to do this morning 8 or 10, so I settled for running 9ish, by the time I headed back to Veteran's Park, I was wishing I had run more miles, mainly because it was just one of those days that it felt good just to keep running.

Shout out to Ken and Bobby for cruising on your bikes and your expressions of encouraging words along the way...I really appreciate the two of you greatly. Do you think next time you could bring me a Starbucks along the trail?  


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

T-30 days and Counting....

Well, by the time I post this to my blog, we (Allen & I) will be at a 30 day count down until our wedding day in California.  Each day seemed to drag ever so long, this year, while waiting for him to return from Afghanistan and yet, it is so hard to believe that we are only 30 days out.

So you may be wondering what he has been doing while in Afghanistan.  Allen took a years leave of absence to work as a Police Mentor in Afghanistan, training Afghan Nationals for police work in their districts. This is a thankless job, that the average American has no clue of the hard work, that good men and women are doing in Afghanistan. They do not just deal with the dangers which present themselves each and every day, they also have to be ambassadors of good will, while working with men who culturally have been oppressed by years and years of wars and battles.  It is a very difficult dynamic to train people to take pride not only in their work, but in their nation, where they have been oppressed and beaten down by opposing and deadly forces.

I am really proud of the work that Allen has down, first in Herat and now in Jabalabad.  This last tour of work that he is doing in Jabalabad has him teamed with our own US military, true young men who are American Heroes.  These are young men who have willingly stepped up to the plate for our nation, to serve and protect. I am amazed at how these young men love their country and are true Patriots in every since of the word.  Again, these young men are doing a thankless job, in which they risk their lives every day, trying to keep American safe and bring freedom to a people who do not know or understand what freedom really means. I only know these boys through the stories that Allen tells me, when he and I talk, I can hear in his voice an admiration and pride about the character and integrity that these young men walk in, which makes me very proud of not only Allen's work, but that of our US Military. 

I am so very fortunate to have the opportunity to be marrying such a wonderful man. You know, it's a real challenge in this day and age to find a good man, a man that has character, that knows the difference between right and wrong, one that knows how to be committed and loyal and most of all a gentleman.  Allen is that...yes, I know he also has his "larger than life, center of attention," ways about him.  I thought he was one of the most obnoxious men that was running at Runner's World....go figure, we would first become such good friends and in very short time husband and wife.

Of course, when he gets back to the states, I will be getting him back on the trail to run...after all...he has spent so much time coaching me from afar, I think it's time for me to get to train him, that is if he can keep up, with the Super Runner Girl.

We are both very excited.  I want to thank those of you, who have continued to ask about Allen and have kept him in your prayers. He is not home yet, so we will covet any and all prayers, until he lands safely here in Tulsa.

See you all out on the trail...hopefully this Saturday...and no, I am not going to wear my cape for the wedding....although I really wanted too. 

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whoo Hoo Trail Run!!

Today was supposed to be just a nice light run on Saturday, at least that is what I had told Allen, when he phoned from Afghanistan. My idea, was a light 6 miles with Super Runner Girl Linda, so I jumped in Allen's Vette, (he has told me that I have to drive it time to time.) and headed to Helmrich Park.

Brian said he was taking a group up to Turkey Mountain, I thought perfect, we will run up the hill, do the mile loop, run down the hill and then be finished, except...I did not tell Brian what my idea was and he did not ask.

We wound up running a terrific trail, it was so incredible. I have to say, that if you have not tried running on the trails, you must give it a try. I am not an expert, fact is, I have not really run any trails, but I love the challenge of trail running.

Of course, I was a little sad, that Linda had a spill along the trail. I was able to snap a photo of the mishap, there was even blood!  Linda is a trooper, she was back at it and did not even cry. 

Yes, it was a great day...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Run Has Teeth...

The motto to the Aquarium Run, "This Run Has Teeth," could be a subliminal message, that runners could get bit.  Saturday, I met my dynamic dual partner Super Runner Girl Linda to run a local 1/2 Marathon to help support the Aquarium in Jenks. You have to understand, coming from So. California, I was excited that I may get to see a shark and I would not have worry, that the shark was planning to make me its latest off shore morsel.

Now almost a year ago, I had mention to my wonderful and dear fiancee, that I would not be running races sponsored by a particular local sponsor.  He was surprised to hear I had actually signed up for this race, remember, I am still thinking about sharks, moray eels, puffer fish, turtles and the like.  

The race conditions were wonderful, I ran the first half of the half with Linda, at her suggestion and blessing, she told me to go ahead and run my race. I know, I know... one never leaves their wing man (woman), but she said I could. (She did PR)

I picked up my pace and ran the back half of the race, feeling so good and looking forward to finishing and receiving a super cool medal, that had a shark on it, the perfect medal for this So. California girl.  Imagine if you will, when I finished to no fan fare, but just a tired volunteer worker who appeared not overly excited, to still be waiting on runners.  And then too be looking around for someone to give me...."What is that...there were NO more medals, you mean none?"  But I paid my registration early, the fine print said, that the participants who finished would get a medal, are you sure that there are none left?  What about the one around the race directors neck, she did not even run, could I have that one??

Poor form to say the least.  I was told, that I could check back in a few weeks for my medal, which led me to wonder...if I was so foolish as to sign up for a race operated by this sponsor again, could I have the option of paying my entry fee weeks after I finished the race?  I know, I know...I should have ran faster, at least that is what an employee of the race sponsor allegedly vocalized and that, there is no guarantee for every race finisher to receive a medal.  

At least I got to see the sharks, but I feel like I got bit, no wonder why they say, "This Run Has Teeth."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is happening?

Yes, I know....I am not the most faithful blogger in the blog universe, could be that my mind is preoccupied with wedding details.  The last time I actually blogged, was in the very cold month of January...we are now in the very wet month of May, and for this Southern California girl...still feels like winter.

I thought I would at least try to get updated with the run world.  Let me see, a few months ago, my Super Runner Girl Partner Linda and I ran the Cowtown Marathon in Ft. Worth. I did not see any cows, but we did find Starbucks, which of course is this Super Runner Girl's favorite place to hang. 

The Marathon, was such a great experience, if you love               
running hills (as I do), and into strong headwinds (which I don't).  We finished, we had fun and then we headed back to Tulsa, so I could pick up My Cowboy, Allen. Allen was home on leave from Afghanistan, to see his wonderful daughter Lacy, graduate from CLEET, she is now a Deputy working for Tulsa's Sheriff's Department.  

Back to running, my personal run schedule, was a little hit and miss with the Runner's World Crew, mainly due to work and travel. I was not able to stay as consistent as I had wished, but I did love my one Saturday of running with Roman, I like the way he trains for running long distances, run a few miles and head to Starbucks...whoo hoo!
Had to skip OKC, which made me have Marathon envy. Great job to all those who ran the 1/2 and full marathon. I plan to be there next year with Allen.  Yes, he plans to run a full marathon. Some of you may not know this, but OKC Marathon is a special memory for us...I know how sweet.

Which leads me to the most recent running event, that I ran with Super Runner Girl Linda. We ran the Renal Run 5k. It was a a fun race, and we both won! (Okay, I realize that this was the inaugural race and the field of runners was limited..BUT I still have a really cool trophy!

Next up on running, it's the 1/2 Marathon for the Aquarium Run, with my dynamic duo partner Linda...hmmmm...maybe we should wear our capes.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What Is Cold Weather to Super Runner Girls!

Okay, so it's been weeks and weeks since my last blog. What can I say, I just have been busy with life and posting to my blog has been low on my priority list.  I know, I know, so why have a blog, I am pondering that same question.

Thursday night, was one of the coldest evenings to run, that I think I have personally ever faced. I had sent a message to my super runner girl partner, through our super girl messaging to see if we were indeed hitting the trail.  She responded affirmative, we were hitting the trail, and to remember to bring my winter cape.  Okay...we don't really have winter capes.

I enjoyed the run, enjoyed it so much, that we ran an extra half mile, along the brisk & dark trail.  I can tell you, that my quads did begin to feel like bricks, on the return back to the store, but I realized, if I just kept moving, then it wasn't too bad.

It is just amazing, what one discovers as they run, the discovery of what one is really made of, what their body can really endure, this all coming from a woman who thinks that winter should be spent on the warm sands of the beach being shaded by a palm tree.

Looking forward to our run on's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, I think the temps will be a warming 33 degrees. I have got to find that winter cape.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tagged to play "Crazy Eights"....ugh.

Well, T.Z. has tagged me to play "Crazy Eights," I was going to just pretend, that I did not see my name written on his list. I also could have thought he meant another person named Rachel, as my name is spelt Rachael...but alas, I will play the game. 

8 Shows I Love to Watch
1. NFL Football
2. ESPN Sports Center
3. Law and Order
4. Law and Order Criminal Intent
5. Law and Order SVU
6. Without  A Trace
7.  Cold Case
8. A & E Channel

8 Places I Love to Eat
1. My Mom's House 
2. Kimo's (Maui)
3. La Fogatta's (California)
4. Fisherman's Market (California)
5. In & Out Burger (California)
6. Cheese Cake Factory
7. P.F. Chang's
8. Pei Wei's

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Woke Up
2. Brushed my teeth
3. Ran
4.Went to Starbucks
5. Showered
6. Met with my boss
7. Worked
8. Worked some more....

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Getting to Fly Home for the Holiday
2. Seeing my family
3. Running
4. Watching Football
5. Getting my work completed
6. Getting to Fly back to Tulsa
7. December 18
8. Running some more

8 Things I Wish For
1. That my life makes a significant impact in the hearts and lives of people.
2-8. Just refer to my first wish

I now tag...
The next 8 people who actually read this blog...