Friday, January 16, 2009

What Is Cold Weather to Super Runner Girls!

Okay, so it's been weeks and weeks since my last blog. What can I say, I just have been busy with life and posting to my blog has been low on my priority list.  I know, I know, so why have a blog, I am pondering that same question.

Thursday night, was one of the coldest evenings to run, that I think I have personally ever faced. I had sent a message to my super runner girl partner, through our super girl messaging to see if we were indeed hitting the trail.  She responded affirmative, we were hitting the trail, and to remember to bring my winter cape.  Okay...we don't really have winter capes.

I enjoyed the run, enjoyed it so much, that we ran an extra half mile, along the brisk & dark trail.  I can tell you, that my quads did begin to feel like bricks, on the return back to the store, but I realized, if I just kept moving, then it wasn't too bad.

It is just amazing, what one discovers as they run, the discovery of what one is really made of, what their body can really endure, this all coming from a woman who thinks that winter should be spent on the warm sands of the beach being shaded by a palm tree.

Looking forward to our run on's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, I think the temps will be a warming 33 degrees. I have got to find that winter cape.

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