Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whoo Hoo Trail Run!!

Today was supposed to be just a nice light run on Saturday, at least that is what I had told Allen, when he phoned from Afghanistan. My idea, was a light 6 miles with Super Runner Girl Linda, so I jumped in Allen's Vette, (he has told me that I have to drive it time to time.) and headed to Helmrich Park.

Brian said he was taking a group up to Turkey Mountain, I thought perfect, we will run up the hill, do the mile loop, run down the hill and then be finished, except...I did not tell Brian what my idea was and he did not ask.

We wound up running a terrific trail, it was so incredible. I have to say, that if you have not tried running on the trails, you must give it a try. I am not an expert, fact is, I have not really run any trails, but I love the challenge of trail running.

Of course, I was a little sad, that Linda had a spill along the trail. I was able to snap a photo of the mishap, there was even blood!  Linda is a trooper, she was back at it and did not even cry. 

Yes, it was a great day...

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Bobby said...

Trails are very fun. I am glad Linda didn't cry. I hear you are not a true trail runner until you have taken your first fall.