Saturday, May 9, 2009

What is happening?

Yes, I know....I am not the most faithful blogger in the blog universe, could be that my mind is preoccupied with wedding details.  The last time I actually blogged, was in the very cold month of January...we are now in the very wet month of May, and for this Southern California girl...still feels like winter.

I thought I would at least try to get updated with the run world.  Let me see, a few months ago, my Super Runner Girl Partner Linda and I ran the Cowtown Marathon in Ft. Worth. I did not see any cows, but we did find Starbucks, which of course is this Super Runner Girl's favorite place to hang. 

The Marathon, was such a great experience, if you love               
running hills (as I do), and into strong headwinds (which I don't).  We finished, we had fun and then we headed back to Tulsa, so I could pick up My Cowboy, Allen. Allen was home on leave from Afghanistan, to see his wonderful daughter Lacy, graduate from CLEET, she is now a Deputy working for Tulsa's Sheriff's Department.  

Back to running, my personal run schedule, was a little hit and miss with the Runner's World Crew, mainly due to work and travel. I was not able to stay as consistent as I had wished, but I did love my one Saturday of running with Roman, I like the way he trains for running long distances, run a few miles and head to Starbucks...whoo hoo!
Had to skip OKC, which made me have Marathon envy. Great job to all those who ran the 1/2 and full marathon. I plan to be there next year with Allen.  Yes, he plans to run a full marathon. Some of you may not know this, but OKC Marathon is a special memory for us...I know how sweet.

Which leads me to the most recent running event, that I ran with Super Runner Girl Linda. We ran the Renal Run 5k. It was a a fun race, and we both won! (Okay, I realize that this was the inaugural race and the field of runners was limited..BUT I still have a really cool trophy!

Next up on running, it's the 1/2 Marathon for the Aquarium Run, with my dynamic duo partner Linda...hmmmm...maybe we should wear our capes.


Bobby said...

Nice trophy (I'm talking about the running award, not Allen).

Rachael Alise said...

Bobby, you are so funny...I know I am his trophy!! LOL