Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great Morning for a Run!

Wow! What a great morning for a run, I could not believe we would have such wonderful weather this morning, but we did. It has been over a month, since I have been able to run with Runner's World on a Saturday run, it was so nice to be back among the runners.

Missed my dynamic Super Runner Girl partner today, but no worries, the morning was so beautiful, that is made up for Linda being off playing golf and leaving me to run solo this morning.

I was torn about how much mileage to do this morning 8 or 10, so I settled for running 9ish, by the time I headed back to Veteran's Park, I was wishing I had run more miles, mainly because it was just one of those days that it felt good just to keep running.

Shout out to Ken and Bobby for cruising on your bikes and your expressions of encouraging words along the way...I really appreciate the two of you greatly. Do you think next time you could bring me a Starbucks along the trail?  


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