Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Run Has Teeth...

The motto to the Aquarium Run, "This Run Has Teeth," could be a subliminal message, that runners could get bit.  Saturday, I met my dynamic dual partner Super Runner Girl Linda to run a local 1/2 Marathon to help support the Aquarium in Jenks. You have to understand, coming from So. California, I was excited that I may get to see a shark and I would not have worry, that the shark was planning to make me its latest off shore morsel.

Now almost a year ago, I had mention to my wonderful and dear fiancee, that I would not be running races sponsored by a particular local sponsor.  He was surprised to hear I had actually signed up for this race, remember, I am still thinking about sharks, moray eels, puffer fish, turtles and the like.  

The race conditions were wonderful, I ran the first half of the half with Linda, at her suggestion and blessing, she told me to go ahead and run my race. I know, I know... one never leaves their wing man (woman), but she said I could. (She did PR)

I picked up my pace and ran the back half of the race, feeling so good and looking forward to finishing and receiving a super cool medal, that had a shark on it, the perfect medal for this So. California girl.  Imagine if you will, when I finished to no fan fare, but just a tired volunteer worker who appeared not overly excited, to still be waiting on runners.  And then too be looking around for someone to give me...."What is that...there were NO more medals, you mean none?"  But I paid my registration early, the fine print said, that the participants who finished would get a medal, are you sure that there are none left?  What about the one around the race directors neck, she did not even run, could I have that one??

Poor form to say the least.  I was told, that I could check back in a few weeks for my medal, which led me to wonder...if I was so foolish as to sign up for a race operated by this sponsor again, could I have the option of paying my entry fee weeks after I finished the race?  I know, I know...I should have ran faster, at least that is what an employee of the race sponsor allegedly vocalized and that, there is no guarantee for every race finisher to receive a medal.  

At least I got to see the sharks, but I feel like I got bit, no wonder why they say, "This Run Has Teeth."


T Z said...

Major bad. Things happen, but lately, they are happening way too often.

T Z (still waiting for my OKC medal)

Rachael Alise said...

At least you were not told you should have run faster. Which is a tough one, there were a whole lot of people doing their very best, and I really felt for them, to finish and then being treated as if they did not accomplish something.

Isn't part of the race, the fact that people are out there doing it? I celebrate those who finish first, everyone loves a champion, but being a champion is not always measured in the time of your performance it is also measured through one staying the course and finishing their race.

Okay...I will stop preaching...I was just bugged...

Bobby said...

Live and learn. The first place runner was way ahead of second at the turnaround. Maybe he should have been told to run faster. Without a slower runner nobody would finish first, or second, or third, or... and the fund raiser wouldn't raise near as many funds.

Did you get any food after the race?

Still waiting for my OKC medal also.

Way to go Linda for getting a PR. I understand the winner didn't get a PR.

Cheryl said...

I receives an email back. Thought I'd share. Atleast it did not say that maybe next year I would run faster. That hit a nerve especially since all I have been through.

Anyway,in short this is what was said."They lost thier presenting sponsor and could not find a replacement so they were 10K short to being with but they pressed on".
Did you know that there are several runs that folded this year due to economy's impact on sponsor dollars? Maybe that is why they increased the prices of the run.

Moving on..."Due to spending conservatively there were only enough medals for the number of runners they expected and were pleasantly surprised by the increase in the day of registration runners."
Hmm.. Maybe they should have been tagged and told they had to wait till all the ones the ones who signed up early got there's. Anyway... she said "it was regrettable and they would make sure every finisher receives one".

Good Luck! I will not hold my breath but if it happenes great.

Rachael Alise said...

Hmmm....this is interesting, they need to read the fine print of their brouchure, I quote, "all 1/2 marathon participants will receive a medal," I thought about scanning the brochure, but this is not a mountain to die upon.

You always know people are reaching, when they want to detract from the issue and begin stating how "other races," have folded. Hmmmm...what does this have to do with this race?

Just need to stay with what I voiced last year, that I would not sign up for another race, with this particular race organizer.