Sunday, August 31, 2008

A great day for a 14 mile run!

This past Saturday was  just a great day for a 14 mile run.  I thought it was an exciting way to head into the Labor Day weekend, by running 14 miles, although my Garmin actually registered our run closer to 14 1/2 miles, but who am I to argue with our fearless run leaders, who, ever so gently broke the news to us, that the turn around point, was a little short. 

My running friend, Linda, and I have been running & training together with Runner's World since January, where we started with an incredible group of newbies, who I now consider a great group of friends.  She and I ran the OKC 1/2 Marathon together and now we are in the midst of training for the Route 66 Marathon. Together we tackled the 14 and so miles.  This was our furthest run, to date.

Now I cannot speak for Linda, but for me, I have found myself somewhat infatuated with running, that includes the process & the training that we have purposely chosen to undertake in this vision-quest to run our first marathon.  

I mean when you sit and think about it, "Who in their right mind, looks forward to awakening early Saturday mornings, to lace up their running shoes, so to hit the trails, and run loops around Riverside?"  Especially, if you have been like me, suffering from extreme allergies the last few days.  But that isn't my question any longer, my question is, "Who in their right mind, would not want to be out running on Saturday mornings?"

It just was a great day!  Special props to Ed & Bobby, kicking out your 14 and so miles. And no, we did not toss Jennifer over the bridge...although we are still wondering what part of the trail we lost her on. Take heart though,  we did leave a trail of shot blocks along the way, so she could find her way back to Veteran's Park.  Props to Cheryl...7 miles, you go girl!    


simulatedme said...

"Who in their right mind..." indeed. I think it has something to do with the endorphins, cuz it seems like a fool idea to me, until the time actually comes and then I'm chompin at the bit to go.

Bobby said...

You and Linda are awesome. You have
come a long, long way in a short amount of time and you make it look easy to me.

Jennifer and Cheryl, keep it up. You're doing awesome also.

Jennifer, when Ed and I seen Linda and Rachael coming back by themselves we thought they needed more carbs and had eaten you somewhere along the way. Glad to hear that didn't happen.

TATUR Dave said...

I'm so glad your Garmin registered 14.5. I so disbelieved TZ.

"infatuated with running." Is that coming close to addicted? Hope so! It really is neat to see so many people running so much and enjoying it.

See ya soon.

T Z said...

WHhat can I say? My Garmin said 14.22 but I did make an extra trip to Vets park 1/2 way through the 1st loop which added .2 to my total. I am guessing you swing your arms more than I do resulting in more miles being registered. Also, MapMyRun indicated the course should have gone past the treatment plant. Ask Bobby what his Garmin aid.

And what's a few tenths among friends? :-Þ

Bobby said...

My Garmin read 14.0 miles when we got back to the 21st street bridge.
I think I might lose signal sometimes on the pedestrian bridge.
It is kind of like being inside.

Rachael Alise said...

Hey...when it's all said and done..I am just thrilled to run the miles we ran. It's about the journey... =)