Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Hills are Alive...

"The hills are alive, with the sound of runners
They're running the hills, before the sunrise.
Not happy are they, those Runner's World Runners
If I were Tatur Dave, I think I would hide..."

Ah yes, it was another early Saturday morning as we gathered at Veteran's Park once again for our Saturday morning run.  What an incredible experience it was.  When I first read our schedule and saw we only had 6 miles to run, I thought, no problem, we had just run 6 miles Thursday evening, so Saturday should be a breeze.

Now growing up as a child, my dad used to tell me how he would have to walk in the snow,  up hill....both ways.  There was no snow this Saturday, but our route to the "Oldest House in Tulsa," was up hill, in the humid morning...BOTH WAYS.

It would not have been so bad, but much to my surprise, when we actually got to this house. There wasn't even anybody living in this house.  No one to offer us breakfast, a cup of water or even the use of their bathroom AND we still had more miles to run.

Actually, I think I may have been one of the few people, who actually did not want to cause bodily harm to Tatur Dave, our route designer for the day. I am not saying that running the hills was an easy task, but it was a good challenge and we made it.  6 miles up hill both ways!!


Bobby said...

That was a pretty awesome run. I got to see some parts of Tulsa I have never seen. Waiting to read about the mud run.

TATUR Dave said...

"If I were Tatur Dave, I think I would hide..."

Hey now, it wasn't that hilly.

The last hilly run we went on, I was saying how much I liked running with the Runners World group because of all the friends I have made.

Somewhere from the crowd came the reply, "you might not have as many friends as you think."

And now Kathy is making up flat courses and sending out emails just to win a popularity contest! I just might go somewhere to hide! :(