Friday, August 22, 2008

Had To Join Too

I just could not stand it any longer.  I am not one to be a conformist to what  "everyone" else is doing.  You know, grew up with the old adage, "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you too?" Course my answer was usually, "Are my friends jumping off the cliff into a body of water or just falling to their death?" 

Anyway, after reading the blogs of several friends, seeing their artistic creativity and incredible wirting skills, I have opted to take the plunge into the vast sea of creating a blog space. I don't by any means, consider myself within the same league as those who have masterfully been honing their communicates skills through their written words and ideas.  I just had to join, so I too can be a voice, within the blog community.

So, there it is, I have taking my first giant leap!


Bobby said...
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Bobby said...

Nice to see you are jumping off the cliff with your friends. Someone read your profile. It was me. Sounds like you like running.
You seem as if you will be one of the creative witty ones. Looking forward to reading your blog. I already have you pasted into my Internet Explorer favorites and listed on my blog.

Susan says "Yippi, I have another blog to read".

Anonymous said...

Jump girl jump!

T Z said...

YAY Rachael. I'll link your blog to RW!

TATUR Dave said...

Welcome to blog world.

Sorry about not having mountains and oceans here, but I do try to take our runs on the hilliest routes I can find, and usually I find a body of water to run past. I'm not sure how I can fit in a palm tree, though.