Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!!

It was just so beautiful this morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing...well not really, just a little wishful thinking on my part.

Our run this first Saturday of September was so very cool. Our scheduled read 7 miles, BUT upon our arrival to Veterans Park, Coach Kathy informed us, we were going to run 9 miles, oh the added bonus, we would be running numerous hills. I would like to make mention, that I did not detect an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm from the group of runners.  We all diligently collected our directions and hit the concrete.

May I say, I enjoyed this run, up the hills, down the hills, in the wind and through the rain, it just was fun...yes, I am serious it was just fun. I want to be real honest with you all, isn't this what I have been training for? It takes sheer dedication to stay the course of the race that is set before me, that would also include all those who have committed themselves to the Runner's World training.  And I think it is safe to say, each person has a reason for running, and each person's reason is individually and uniquely distinct to his or her life.  As for me, I am so enjoying the process, embracing the training, whether it's a good run day, bad run day, or indifferent run day.

Today, was just a great run day. I enjoyed meeting some new runners, getting to run a new route, running up to the BOK center, and laughing, cause it looks like "duct-tape," with lights,  and then I enjoyed getting to hang out afterwards with some of Tulsa finest people.

(looks like duct tape to me)

Special props to Susan, I saw you running, is it still a secret? Way to go Cheryl, you Go Girl!,  your 1/2 marathon goal is so doable and of course a special shout out to my Runner Girl Power- Friend, Linda, we so ROCK! The Power is Activated!!  By the way, Linda & Bobby, it's official I have drank the Kool-Aide, I registered today for Route 66, what in the world are we thinking?


elynnlll said...

I absolutely love the pic of you running at the top of your blog. Great pics of the BOK center too.

Rachael Alise said...

Thanks! The photo was taken in Nigeria, non-edited, just turned out that way. Yes, the "duct-tape," center was such a fun place to run to. =)

Bobby said...

Way to go signing up for marathon.
Kinda makes you feel more committed
once you shell out the bucks.
That's the first time I seen the BOK center up close. Looks awesome.