Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Super Sweet 16

Don't let the title fool you, this is not a recap to the MTV reality program of overly indulged, excessively spoiled and mollycoddled teenagers whose parents feel that turning 16 is such a milestone in their life that it warrants a lavished birthday party, that rivals that of Kings & Queens.

No, this is about my incredible personal record run of 16 miles & some change, today with my ever faithful Runner Girl Power friend Linda. Yes, we did it! She and I both trekked from Veteran's Park down the long & flat Riverside trail and back again.  

I must confess, when I first awaken this morning, I really wanted to stay in bed, which is odd for me, as I have come to really look forward to our Saturday morning runs, but this morning was one of those mornings when I thought, staying in bed and sleeping would be a much more pleasant exercise, than running in the humidity & rain.  Begrudgingly I rolled out of bed to meet the Runner's World group, my friend Linda and the course, which Coach Kathy charted for us.

As it all turned out, the run was wonderful. Linda and I met Jessie, who gave us some great insight and tips about our pending first marathon run. Jessie hope you do well on your run in St. Paul. We also got to chat with Team Bean runners at our water stops, what do you call Team Bean, when the Bean is not there?  You all did great!

All I can say, is I really loved this Super Sweet I am wondering what is 18 going to be like?


elynnlll said...

This was a tough one for me and my Team Bean. We were really sore at the end. Plus we did the 14 in 3 hours, but 16 took almost 4? It was a little crazy to us. You guys did awesome.

TATUR Dave said...

You are doing great, Rachael. Glad you enjoyed the run. You have been such an encouragement to others, too! I had a tough time handling the humidity, as did a bunch of people. Soon the weather will be cooler and the runs should be easier.

If you loved super 16, you will also love 18.

Eighteen, I gotta get away
I've gotta get out of this place
I'll go running in outer space...
Eighteen and I LIKE IT

Rachael Alise said...

Thanks Tatur Dave, I really am enjoying the running...we will see about the this point it's one mile at a time.

I am so AMAZED at everyone from the experience runners to those who have just started. I am incredibly inspired by each person who is part of our RW training, each person helps me to keep on keeping on and to think we all chose to be out running.

Rachael Alise said...

Hey was actually a little over 3:30...but remember there was the humdity, good food at the turn around and the intoxicated women on Riverside. That type of mix, slowed each of us down.

Just think you did it 16.66 miles, according to the Garmin. That is incredible whether it was a good, bad or indifferent run. You Did It!!

Bobby said...

Awesome run! (now that it is over
and the pain has lessened).

Did those women try to pick you up too. Ed and I thought we were special.