Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was so looking forward to our long run this Saturday. I returned from California this past week, and was so excited because, I really missed seeing and running with the Runner's World crew, although I did my running in California, it just is not the same to run by myself.

For those of you who have asked where I have been, the last two weeks. We have been in the middle of moving our offices across town, if you have ever moved, you know the wonderful challenges that comes your way, with packing, unpacking, & setting up. Our new place is wonderful, fresh and new, that is the good news, that bad news is...our new location makes it seriously difficult to make the Tuesday and Thursday night runs.

Back to today's run. This morning, the weather conditions were just right, the sky was clear and the temp was perfect, it was not too warm and it was not too cool. Our route today would take us on our furthest run to date, 20 miles, that is just 6.2 miles less than our marathon goal.

Once we received our route instructions, we set out upon our running journey. My trusted and faithful running partner Linda and I were joined by Jennifer and Tami today. It was a real treat to run with Tami and Jennifer, even though Jennifer was not able to join us for the entire run.

For the most part, our run was very uneventful, we ran & ran, step by step very methodically, the miles began to click away, as the sun began to rise on what was just a beautiful morning. I so appreciate Susan & Candace as they seemed to be in the right place at the right time to give us encouraging words, smiles and of course the water, at the water station at Turkey Mountain. The only disappointment, my request for Starbucks seemed to fall upon deaf ears.

Once we made our loop and made our last stop at Runner's World, I began to realize we were so close to accomplishing our 20 mile goal. It was so wonderful to get back to our Veteran's park meeting sight and to hear the runners who finished before us(Team Bean), cheering us on, recognizing this moment of achievement, that each of us shares and binds our running hearts together.

The run today felt real good. I can be honest, the last mile in, seemed a little long...but we DID IT, 20 stinking miles! Yes, the hamstrings are a little tight and the body is a little tired, but it is well worth it.

Special props to Ed, Bobby, Tami and of course Linda, Runner Girl Power Super Friend!!


Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

You are so awesome. I too enjoyed Candace and Susan. However they wanted to keep shooting pics of my broken body.
Way to go girl!!!!

Bobby said...

It was kinda nice seeing and hearing you girls for about the first 10 miles. I ran out of gas at the turn around, then you girls must have put on your power capes because you vanished from site.
Keep up the good work.

Susan Michaels said...

Sorry about not getting the starbucks for you. I actually thought about it but figured it would slow you down trying to drink and run.
You & Linda did an awesome job.